After studying design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague,
I worked as a freelance designer from 1964 to 2007. After several years I finally started painting – smelling the smell of paint again. Holding a brush in my hand instead of a mouse. If only I had started earlier! What a pleasant activity that is!
I started painting birds that had flown against the window of my studio, so they lay dead before me. After the birds I started with the street views (Streetviews).
These were all painted in oil and in large format. Ghent and Paris were the first, followed by more – twelve (cities?) in total. Occasionally I also painted the “news” – things that made me angry.
I also paint portraits in watercolour on commission.
Besides painting, I also designed the resistance monument in Arnhem. I also want to regularly show the work I am doing here. Step-by-step. Occasionally with moving images. The emergence. Shoveling…


I love empty streets with dark shadows and bright light – big contrasts. These are large-format paintings painted with thinned oils on canvas.

Gent, Belgium Patershol

In Gent, my favourite city after Bordeaux, I was struck by the beautiful winter light This is the view from the bridge, looking across the River Lije towards Het Patershol.

Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

Bordeaux, France Rue Quérin

A street that struck me because of the contrasting light. And a bicycle (if you can find it!) This painting is now in Bill and Irene’s house in California

Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

Arnhem Parkstraat

This is the city where I live – I have painted many special street views here.

Oil on canvas, 100x120cm


Arnhem Devils’ House

This is the view from the terrace of Dudok. You can see through to the Market between the Devils’ House and the Eusebius Church.

Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

Arnhem, Kerkstraat

With the Eusebius Church tower still in scaffolding. For years this defined the face of Arnhem’s city centre.

Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

Fano, Italy Street in Fano

Dopo la festa, after the festival. A deserted street, of which there are so many in Italy

Oil on panel 50x60cm

Milan, Italy Corso San Gottardo

A busy street ending at the Arco di Porto Ticinese. which is the gate to the artists’ quay, the Ripa di Porta Ticinese, on the il Naviglio Grande canal.

Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

The Hague, Lange Voorhout

With your back to Pulchri studio

Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

The Hague, Korte Voorhout

On the right, just out of view, is the Bodega De Posthoorn

Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

Paris, Rue du Temple

One of the most beautiful cities to paint. I have been coming to this city since I was fifteen and enjoying the wide squares, boulevards and small streets.

Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

Arnhem, Broerenstraat

View from my studio. Dark clouds gathered above the carpark. Threatening.

Oil on canvas, 100X120cm

Arnhem, Resistance monument, Lauwersgracht

The Arnhem Resistance monument, an idea and design of mine with text by the poet Jos Pauw:

“most people remain silent, but a few speak up and act”

Painted a week before the monument was removed to make room for the beautiful new Musis Sacrum concert hall.

Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

Gouda, Westhaven by the lock

Dark and light with a bright blue sky – beautiful contrast.

Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

La Belle Place, Villedieu in the Vaucluse, France

A childhood memory, holiday sweetheart, July 14, dancing in the square with Graziëlla. We were 15 years old.

Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

Castel Nuovo


Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

Van Heemstralaan

This residence in Arnhem is painted in commission, september 2023

Cobra oil on canvas (water base) 90 x 100 cm

Rivier de IJssel bij Zutphen

Cobra oil on canvas (water base) 100 x 120 cm

Other work

Well, it doesn’t always have to be streets! Sometimes I paint something else, like these birds which were painted when I was just beginning to exchange my computer for a paintbrush!

A sunday afternoon at the beach, Kijkduin 1953


These are portraits of children, grandchildren and friends.


The jars of Greek pigments had been in the cupboard for ages. About five years ago I began to experiment with them – this is the result.

Materials: Panel, oil paint, pigments and various mediums Formats: from 40×40 cm to 175×885 cm



Musis Resistance Monument

In 2004 I designed the Resistance Monument in Arnhem. The poet Jos Pauw wrote the text – “Most people remain silent, a few speak up and act

From 2005 until 2015 the Resistance Momument adorned the rear facade of the Parkzaal of Musis Sacrum on the Velperplein.

Jos Pauw


Rijn embankment Resistance Monument

After 10 years the monument had to give way for the building of a new concert hall. It was disassembled and stored. I was asked by Arnhem City Council to look for a new site and to design a new monument. In 2017, in a modified form and making use of the old panels, it was reinstalled by the Rijn river in Arnhem.


You can reach me via e-mail: info@madebyjouke.com



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